April 29, 2011

Friday Afternoon News.........................

Gulf Seafood still not sure???>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Gov. Bentley:  This SUNDAY "Day of PRAYER">>
Gingrich:  U.S. abandons Christianity>>>>>>>>>>>
EDITORIAL: Hope amid the Horror>>>>>>>>>>> 
Chrysler to repay7.5 billion back to Government>>
Georgia Teacher arrested for stripping naked>>>>
Mullet Toss: ' Gulf's Greatest Beach Party' ready>
Gov. opens Call center for storm  victims>>>>>>>
BREAKING NEWS:  Endeavour Mission scrubbed
Obama:  "I've never seen destruction like this".....>

Friday Morning News..........

Obama's silence on Boeing plant in S.C. bad business
Hate Speech makes a comeback>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Space Shuttle Endeavour,one last ride into Orbit>>
Damaging report on EPA's Civil Rights office>>>>
91 yr. old woman selling suicide kits>>>>>>>>>>>
1 Million applied for 50,000 jobs at McDonalds>>>
Tx. Gov. blasts Obama for help in Al. & not Texas!
Mike Huckabee bows out Presidential Race>>>
Country Festival this weekend in Stockton>>>>>>
Tornado damage in excessof $1.5-2Billion with a "B"
Excel Baptist Church taking donations to Help>>
Southern Pine sends help to Damaged Area>>>>
LPGA Classic tees off in Mobile>>>>>>>>>>>>
UPDATE:  Crash investigation underway in Monroe>
CALL TO ACTION:  Red Cross Donation page>
KIA Motors' sales increase, profits double>>>>>
Kate and William wed while world watches>>>>>
Cam goes #1 and other NFL draft surprises>>>>
Open your purses and wallets for the victims>>>
Alabama tornadoes:  Interactive map of deaths >
Obama coming today to survey storm damage>>

April 28, 2011

It's TAX cutting Time!!!!!----"That government is best which governs least."

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Newton's The 1 The Panthers took QB Cam Newton with the top overall pick in the 2011 draft

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Thursday afternoon News

Among the largest,strongest ever recorded>>>>
Deadliest swarm of twisters since'74>>>>>>>>>
Storm deaths near 300 in South>>>>>>>>>>>>>
NCAA Toughens academic football standards>>
Pilot KILLED in Crash in Monroe County>>>
Helicopter crashes in Monroe County>>>>>>>
DIXIE DEATH TOLL:  250, maybe more>>>>
ROYAL WEDDING EVE:  Crowds swell>>>>
Eye-gouging case: Judge sets $500,000-Bail>>
Blowout could spill 58 million gallons of crude>>
Foodcosts rising, rising and RISING!!>>>
OFFICIAL Royal couple Picture>>>>>>>>>>>
FACEBOOK explodes: an update per second>>>
Economic growth slows..inflation surges>>>>>>
"My family is all dead"says one man.......>>>>
President Obama to Tour Alabama storm damage..>>
Auburn team trip to Whitehouse postponed.
Tuscaloosa Death toll at 36 or more>>>  
FACEBOOK page setup for lost items>>

Thursday Morning News

President Obama releases Statement to Alabamians>
DEATH TOLL rises to over 200 in the south>
U.S. Economy still slowing down>>>>>>>>>
5 Frightening videos of Tuscaloosa Tornado>
DAY OF DEVASTATION IN ALABAMA:  At least 128 people killed by storms>
1400 National Guardsmen mobilized by Governor Bentley>

President Obama declares Alabama Disaster area>>
Helped being rushed to Tuscaloosa and other areas>
Tuscaloosa UPDATE>>>>>>>>>>
Could set Tornado record for U.S.>

April 17, 2011

Monroe County Tornado Caught On Camera

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Goodrich adding 20 jobs in Foley aerospace facility

Employees at Goodrich's Alabama Service Center in Foley, perform final inspection on a V2500 thrust reverser before it's shipped to LAN Airlines in Chile in 2007. The thrust reverser is part of the nacelle, a large, high-tech structure that surrounds a plane's engines.

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At least 35 dead in 6 states after storm's rampage (photo galleries, video)

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